Between the interruptions

We fell in love across  a seminar table and have been talking theology at the table ever since. Since those days at the seminar table, we’ve lived on both sides of the Atlantic, had four children, and gone to the beach whenever we could. We love cooking and being outside, and visiting ruined abbeys and monasteries with the kids. Lewis travels quite a bit, giving papers and gossiping in cities in the US and Europe. Medi (that’s me) teaches theology and ethics and is beginning to produce scholarship as well as offspring. This is our ‘home’ page, where we’ll share conversations and book recommendations, and maybe some recipes, photos, and healthy gossip.

The other half of the seminar table turns out not to have been a blogger. At least not yet. But the conversations still stimulate my thinking, and often show up between the lines of what I write elsewhere.

1 thought on “Between the interruptions

  1. Between the interruptions,
    There’s time to write things down.
    But life is in the intervals;
    They give the sight and sound.
    They’re the “matter” that really matters;
    They’re the flashes of fleeting light.
    When we try to share our brilliant thoughts,
    The intrusions are what we write.


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