Monday of the second week in Lent

Today’s reflection is at thinking coram Deo–another page of the devotional. Yesterday I spent a bit of time with the Mass readings, but didn’t manage to blog. Whatever I might have said, though, would have been less straightforward than the message of Pope Francis’s homily: ‘listen to Jesus!’

Words to live by.

1 thought on “Monday of the second week in Lent

  1. In a teaching on humility (Lk 14:8-11), Christ explains that a guest is better off taking a humble place at table rather than a place of honor, for it is better to be raised up by the host than demoted. Should I seek to imitate Christ, I would feel as if I were trying to raise myself up to God. I rather hope He raises me up to Him on the last day (Jn 6:44) if I keep the Commandments as He asked (Mt 19:16ff; Mk 10:17ff; Lk 18:18ff). God bless!


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