In the middle of America

I am re-reading Gillian Rose and working on my (American) accent. Apparently I no longer sound like I am from California. (See volpe-ayres news for the story on that.) And I am working on a book proposal (the draft of which is on, a Lenten devotional (finishing touches), and an article on tenderness–as well as doing editorial work for the Handbook of Catholic Theology and homeschooling my 11-year-old. A bit busy.
Gillian Rose is even better on the second or third read: if you haven't read Love's Work, do. And don't worry about what it might really be about. It is certainly about more than what it says on the surface, but it is so beautiful that reading it shouldn't feel like work. Her Paradiso used to be hard to come by, but probably isn't now. It is equally beautiful.
These are patches of light in the darkness. I don't do transition well, and this isn't an exception. But I know that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it.

1 thought on “In the middle of America

  1. Thanks for the reminder about GR. Apparently there is/was another Gillian Rose, working at the Univ of Warwick or somewhere in the field of geography, I think. Met one of her students here in Georgia.


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