Friday after Ash Wednesday

I seem to be stuck, just a little bit, on Psalm 51. This is, I suppose, not a bad thing, given that it is Lent. My reflection on the psalm, and its connection with the today’s reading from Isaiah 58, is over at thinking coram deo.

3 thoughts on “Friday after Ash Wednesday

  1. I believe that redemption is not a covering over of sin, but the re-creation of the sinner, as the Psalmist prays: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew within me a steadfast spirit” (Ps 51:10). God bless!


  2. I agree. I suppose ‘covering over’ might be a misleading way of talking about it, as if redemption were a bandage put over a wound rather than deep healing. Maybe it is that when God is doing the covering over, it is healing rather than hiding? Thanks for your comment–it’s made me think more about the language we use to talk about redemption.


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